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The Star School Guangzhou Introduction
AKA Star River City • Guangzhou Panyu Zhixin Middle School

The Star School Guangzhou(AKA Guangzhou Panyu Zhixin Middle School) in Star River City was established in 2001 and has developed a good reputation for high quality education. It is a boarding school for students from grade 1 to grade 9 and now has 78 classes including 38 in middle school and 40 in primary school respectively, with more than 3000 students in total. The campus covers an area about 80,000m², with 73,000m² of available building area. The construction of the school has exceeded provincial level requirements. It has extensive activity areas, teaching areas, sports areas and living areas, which are all independent while at the same time connected. It is one of the leading schools of Guangzhou, providing a high level of educational service and instruction.

The school was designated as a venue for several major cities, provincial and national events. In 2003 it served as the venue for the 'Guangzhou Middle School Track and Field Competition'. The school has also assisted CCTV (China Central Television - a national broadcaster) in holding the final of the 'Guangdong Division of the National English Speech Contest' in 2005. The school has also been instrumental in aiding the Ministry of Education and Communist Youth League Central Committee in holding the launch ceremony for the 'Chinese Minors Network Project', in 2007. In 2009, the school held the 'second annual Guangdong Private Schools' Art Performance Competition'. The school was designated as a training venue for soccer and handball competitors of the 2010 Guangzhou Asia Games.

The school was founded by Guangzhou Zhixin Middle School, The Star River Group and Zhixin Education and Technology Company Ltd. In the past 10 years, the school has inherited the spirit “Sapentia et Virtus” which originated in Guangzhou Zhixin High Shool. This motto has been fused with The Star River Group’s belief in“Dedication, Wholeheartedness, and Innovation”. The combination of these two ethoses has won The Star School Guangzhou high recognition from industry, society, students and their families. The school insists upon the spirit of “Till good is better, but better best” in its teaching, and management, to enable it to become the demonstration school of the Star River Group nationwide.

The Star School Guangzhou is in high demand. Recognition and praise for this must go to the selfless, dedicated, professional and innovative team that has enriched teaching for our students. The school offers academic excellence alongside overall development. In past high school entrance examinations, the school has consistently had students placed in highest positions of single units or even overall.

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